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Below are a few testimonials from some of the local schools and businesses where my programs were conducted with their feedback. Many of these programs were supported and run in conjunction with the local Queensland Police. The Police Officers who support programs like this within our community deserve a lot of credit and respect for the work they have been doing and accomplished over the years and it is an honour to work along side them.

Caboolture Police Citizens Youth Club – 2010

I have known Tony Deckers for the past 8 years. During this time Tony has performed coaching duties for the Caboolture Police Citizens Youth Club in Toovey Street, Caboolture. Tony is highly motivated and professional in the setting up and supervision of Aikido and self-defence classes, he has performed many voluntary hours at this Club over all these years and carried out his duties in an excellent manner providing a positive contact for the many persons using our Club. Tony has supported the many different disciplines that contribute to our aims and objectives; to aspire, encourage, and support development in youth. Tony has vast experience in dealing with relationships and support of these relationships through counseling.

Tony is a hardworking, motivated volunteer & coach who has always displayed a well-mannered disposition to myself and all the other Staff members working at the Club. He is a person of good character and has always displayed honesty in all his contact with myself and other persons including the General Community using the Club. Tony has been a reliable volunteer during the time spent at this club and has been relied upon to complete many tasks. Tony has a high level of personal integrity and ethical standards and is a valuable asset to us. If any additional information is required please don't hesitate to contact me on (07) 5495 7143

Sergeant Dale Hennessey

Redcliffe State High School – June 2003

Redcliffe High School was very fortunate earlier this year to work with Tony Deckers and Senior Constable Smith. These gentlemen conducted a Personal Safety Program for our Year 8 students who are victims of harassment. These students require personal safety skills to enhance their ability to handle difficult situations. This program was conducted on a weekly basis throughout June this year. We believe that it was successful for all the students involved.

Many thanks to Tony & Donovan

S. McKinley – Principal Redcliffe State High School

Clontaff Beach State High School – Sept 2003

school photo

I am writing to acknowledge the benefits of a Personal Development Program that was conducted at Clontaff Beach State High School. As acting Head of Department for Teaching and Learning, part of my job description involves investigating programs designed to increase self-confidence and self-esteem in students.

The Aikido program conducted by Tony Deckers and the school policeman, Donovan Smith, is targeting Year 8 students who have Learning Difficulties. These students were identified by the learning Support Team. The program is conducted for one 70 minute session once a week for 8 weeks. Parental permission was gained for this course and parents were enthusiastic about the entire program. Aikido focuses on development, coordination, confidence and respect for oneself and others. In just a short period of time, teachers and students have commented that a change in self- image is evident in some participants. The students themselves have commented that the course was fun and they are learning a lot. This positive feedback is most encouraging.

The Aikido program has been conducted at Clontaff High in the past and I am looking forward to this program continuing at Clontaff throughout next term in and in the future.

Principal - J. Stephens
Acting H.O.D. Teaching & Learning – E.A. Cowan

Redcliffe City Council – August & September 2003

seniors week photo 1

Seniors Safety Week

It is with pleasure that I provide this letter of support for Tony Deckers and his "Aikido for Confidence Program". Mr Deckers conducted an 'Aikido with Confidence Program' as an initiative for the Seniors Week 2003 with the aim of encouraging older members of the community to feel safe and confident when out and about. The response to this program was very positive and we would support an ongoing program in the local area.

The Council is also aware of the anti-bullying programs being conducted by Mr Deckers at local High
Schools for year 8 to 10 students. These programs enhance the student's self-confidence and self-esteem
to improve their ability to handle difficult situations.

D. Baker – Community and Cultural Service
N. Sprake – Project Coordinator

Responses from the Seniors Safety week Program seniors week photo 2

Dear Tony,

In April 2003 I attended your one day Safety Seminar conducted by the Redcliffe City Council, I decided to take my grandson to one of your classes in Morayfield, and having experienced for myself a few lessons with you, I would like to congratulate you for conducting these classes for us.

Since we have started your aikido classes it has enhanced the quality of our lives, physically, mentally and spiritually. We would really appreciated having you here in Redcliffe to help our community.

Thank you very much, sincerely
E. Jauien

Last April 2003, I attended a one-day Safety Seminar conducted by the Redcliffe City Council. Tony Deckers talked about and demonstrated Aikido principles and techniques. I approached Tony and asked if he was conducting aikido classes on the Redcliffe area, as it was something we would love to have access to. I believe in this form of non-aggressive martial arts and it really needs to have a base here in Redcliffe.

Thank you for your support regarding this important community endeavour.
Sincerely yours
L. Reyers

Southern Cross Catholic College – November 2002

I would like to thank Tony Deckers who came to our College to present the Protective Behaviours Workshop during October this year. The students who attended all enjoyed themselves and learnt something about the way they think about themselves and about self-protection. I could see from their demeanour and their posture at the end of the session that they all felt much more confident. The comments that I have had from the students have all been extremely positive.

M. Weber – Year 12 Coordinator
M. Messer – Head of Secondary

Caboolture State High School – July 2000

…overall, I found the program to be very useful, practical and thought provoking for our students and I enjoyed joining in with some of the discussions. The program gave the students some practical physical options to consider if faced by a physical attack as well as gave them some insights into 'thinking with confidence' rather than 'like a victim'. The phrase constantly repeated throughout the program –"If you do what you've always done, you get what you've always got!" – enabled the students to see that they have choices in everything they do and they do not need to stick to old basic habits and patterns. They do have the power to influence their own lives.

G. Madden – Head of Department (Student Welfare)
P. Willmott – Deputy Principal

Queensland Police Service – July 2000

Tony Deckers is a qualified Aikido Instructor and has been working with me over the past five years instructing a variety of groups from school students, to seniors in Personal Safety. Over the past 3 years we have particularly targeted bullying in schools in an effort to reduce the ongoing problems this creates for students. This initiative has proven successful with schools requesting this program.

I also see a course in personal safety as a way of addressing the problem of domestic violence and providing victims with confidence and self-esteem. Any assistance you can provide to allow this project to continue would be appreciated.

Sargeant R. Clark – A/District Crime Prevention Coordinator

Queensland Police Service – December 2000

school photo

As the school based Police Officer for the Redcliffe District I am writing in support of the Personal Safety Project recently conducted at the Clontaff Beach State High School.

The five week Safety Options Training Program was offered to year nine and ten students who had been carefully selected by their year coordinators. Participating students were identified by school administration and support staff as those most likely to be a victim of verbal and/or physical assault. The course consisted of eleven students, and was conducted one day over a five week period during the last term of school.

Parental permission and support was gained prior to commencement of the program and discussions with parents during the program proved extremely favourable. Parents and staff at the school stated that participants had talked enthusiastically of the course and had shown definite signs of improved self- image.
Three parents actually attended one of the sessions and could not commend the course or Tony Deckers more highly.

The object of the Personal Safety Project was to show various ways in which the students could protect and free themselves from an aggressor's attack, grip or hold. But more importantly it was designed to teach self-confidence and build self-esteem so that if a situation should arise students can take effective control without force or injury to themselves or the other person. The project has been a great success here at Clontaff Beach State High School in term of self-confidence and assertiveness gained by participants. This was clearly obvious to me as an observer of the project. As the course progressed I noticed marked improvement in the student's attitude towards themselves as demonstrated through improved body language, posture and speech.

The skills gained by the participants through attendance at this course are relevant in many aspects of their daily lives and helps everyday decision making and problem solving processes which we all face. I recommend that this project continue to be offered to students at Clontaff Beach High and other High Schools in the District.

Senior Constable D. Williams – School Based Police Officer