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Seniors Classes - for the 60's +


The classes are tailored to each individuals specific needs. These training is very relaxed and conducted within a beautiful dojo setting. Classes will include how to avoid falling though a better understanding of posture and mental focus. I have been asked, am I too old to learn. The answer is No! As long as you can think and wish to improve your ability in mind and body coordination, I know that there is something that we can do to assist you.

Since injury due to falling is a major concern with the elderly, this is where a large portion of our training is devoted to. Not only with how to deal with falls, but more importantly how to avoid falling and the situation that may cause them.

Talks and demonstrations have been conducted recently for elderly groups and have been very successful. Training can be conducted at the dojo, or if you have a group unable to get to our location, I can arrange to do the training to your location.


During the class, I will teach you new ways of approaching what you are currently doing in your life to make it much more easy and enjoyable. You will be shown ways to improve your health through new ways of thinking, breathing exercises and mediation practices.

The classes are conducted at Caboolture and Burpengary, they are very relaxed and will work specifically with each individuals needs. These classes will not only offer you new ways in personal health care. It also also offers an opportunity to socialise with people your own age,in a new and exciting life style that with change you live your life for ever. If you are unsure about starting a martial art at your age, remember living is not only for the young!

Here you have the opportunity to undergo a whole new lifestyle change, if you would like to discuss more about the training or speak to one of my 'senior' students, please feel free to either contact me or come along to one of ourclasses.

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