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Setsudo Dojo Sensei's - (Tasmania)

Head Dojo Instructor
Tony Deckers Sensei
Ki Aikido Instructor
Lecturer in Ki Development and Qualified Examiner

I began my training in the early 90's with my sensei Patrick Pollini (a Frenchman). He was a wonderful teacher with an incredible grasp of the art. I was so taken in by aikido I moved my life in a whole new direction.

In 1995 my sensei's could no longer stay, and I was invited to take over and continue teaching. This was a turning point in my life, and something I am very grateful for. It had placed me in a position to really find out what aikido had taught me. With the help and instruction of some senior instructors in Brisbane, I managed to keep our dojo open.

Regular practice and training of aikido principles is 'a way' that we can learn to better understand others by understanding ourselves. Our training mirrors life, and life mirrors training, by understanding one, you come to understand the other!

I know that all who study aikido will gain benefit in so many ways. It is an art which certainly allows you to see and live your life in a whole new and exciting way.

In peace and wisdom.


Caitlyn Deckers Sensei
2nd Dan - Assistant Instructor

I was born in Caboolture - Queensland in 1997.

Like my brother, I've been in and around the dojo all my life. First starting in the toddlers classes from when I was 3 years old.

Being also home-schooled, I have always been involved in one aspect or another of aikido, especially having a father who teaches it. I have always loved all that aikido has taught me, and in the past few years I have been more involved with assisting in the kids and junior adult's classes. Over the years I have met some wonderful people, which is why I enjoy assisting during classes so much.

Aikido has taught me many things, but most of all it has given me self confidence and self esteem.

In December 2011 I achieved my black belt at the age of 14 years old; the youngest person in our dojo to have achieved such an honour.

With our move to Tasmania I am looking forward to all the new changes this move brings with it and the opportunity to work and train with children.

Best wishes to everyone and I look forward to training with you some day.

Kindest regards
Caitlyn Deckers