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Ki No Kenkyukai


Ki Society International

In 1975, Master Tohei established Ki Society International and is credited with spreading Aikido and his Ki Principles to the western world. Aikido Ki Society Australia is an affiliated member of Ki Society International.

The Ki No Kenkyukai Foundation was established on September 16, 1971 by Koichi Tohei Sensei. There are approximately 300,000 members worldwide. It is the only specialized organization authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Tohei Sensei oversees all teaching. A third of the classes conducted at Ki No Kenkyukai is Ki-Aikido. The other two-thirds consist of Ki classes, Kiatsu classes, and training activities such as the annual World Camps, Taigi Competitions, and International Instructors Seminars. International members are registered here as official practitioners of Ki and Ki Aikido. All rank and teaching certificates for Ki and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido are issued from Headquarters for all authorized US dojos.

Note about the Ki Society Website:

An English version of the site is available and the site should contain information about World Camps and announcements. Ki Society Japan Homepage (English)

World Headquarters of Ki Society

3515 O-aza Akabane
Ichikai-machi, Haga-gun Tochigi-ken

Tel: 01181-0285-68-4000 - Fax: 01181-0285-68-4004