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Insurance information

Please enquire for class times and information.
The basics of Aikido and Ki development will be taught as well as weapons.

Meditation classes available (please enquire) - These classes are open for everyone, no aikido techniques, as such will be taught. The main focus of these classes is on Ki Breathing exercises and meditation for focusing the mind and relaxation. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring along a small pillow.

Ki Development classes - (1st class of the month). All levels of Aikido are welcome as well as non-Aikido students. These classes will mainly focus on Ki development, including Kiatsu, breathing techniques and meditation. It will also include basic Aikido entry techniques and explanations, and how these technique principles can be applied into daily life.

Insurance Fees includes dojo insurance. Australian Aikido Ki Society (AAKS) fees are due in August each year.

Refund Policy

Northside Aikido has a no-refund policy. Any inquires should be directed to the Chief Instructor or the Dojo Head Instructor.

1. Refunds will not be granted after commencing the first week of the term.

2. Deposits accepted to secure a place for subsequent terms will not be refunded without 2 weeks (14 days) notice prior to the start of the first class of that term.

3. Cancellations of class attendance prior to or during a term require 2 weeks (14 days) notice. Refunds will be determined on a term pro rate basis less two weeks fees. Where any weekly, monthly or term fees have been paid these must be used consecutively, unless other arrangements have been made with the Dojo Head Instructor.

4. Refunds may be granted under individual circumstances by the Chief Instructor or Head Dojo Instructor. These can be discussed and will be determined on an individual basis.

5. Monies paid for weekly or monthly classes must be used in consecutive days following the payment, unless other arrangements have been made in relation to the starting time of the class.

6. Students who cannot attend consecutive class days are advised to contact the Head Dojo Instructor as soon as possible upon realising absence from class to be eligible for consideration for credit of any fees.

NB. If you do not have a Gi (training uniform) and wish to purchase one, they are available through the dojo. Initially wear only a pair of track pants and a T-shirt to training prior to purchasing your Gi.

I recommend that you wait a few weeks to ensure that this is something that you wish to pursue, prior to any financial outlay.

Uniforms for both adults and children are available. We ask that you buy through us and help support the dojo, thank you.