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Ki no fudo ho | Ki no ishi ho | Ki no kokyuho | Ki no taiso ho

The Four Ways of Aikido


Ki no fudo ho

Understanding the four basic principles enables us to develop immovable mind and immovable body.

The four basic principles:

  1. Keep One Point
  2. Relax Completely
  3. Keep Weight Underside
  4. Extend Ki

Ki no ishi ho

The study of meditation includes Ki no toitsu ho (keep one point) and Ki no kakudai ho (extend ki). In the understanding of this Way a strong will and positive attitude emerge.

Five principles for Ki meditation:
  1. You maintain a posture of mastery.
  2. You have a sense of freedom.
  3. You create an atmosphere of harmony.
  4. You are vividly aware of the spirit of life in all things.
  5. Therefore you can feel the movement of Ki in the universe.

Ki no kokyu ho

There are many different ways of Ki breathing. They all lead to a healthy body and a calm mind.

Five principles for Ki breathing:
  1. Exhale gradually, with purpose and control.
  2. Exhale with a distinct, but barely audible sound.
  3. At the end of the breath, Ki continues infinitely like a fading note.
  4. Inhale from the tip of the nose until the body is saturated with breath.
  5. After inhaling, calm the mind infinitely at the one point.

Ki no taiso ho

The goal of Aikido exercises and techniques is to learn to coordinate mind and body during any activity, whether sleeping, standing, sitting or moving rapidly.

Five principles for Ki exercise:
  1. Movements centre on and begin from the one point.
  2. Ki is fully extended in each movement.
  3. Move freely and easily.
  4. Do not feel any tension in the muscles.
  5. Show and feel a clear sense of rhythm in your movement.
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